Red Fire

Red Fire

Red Fire is a wine that was conceived to accompany barbeque season, excellent for outdoors to pair with your favorite BBQs.

Primitivo, allover known as Zinfandel, is a wines with an important structure with fruity and spicy aromas. It is perfect to accompany grilled meat and spicy dishes. It crafted in Puglia, one of the Italian regions richest in history and culture that has proven to deliver great wines.

The King of BBQ wines

BBQ wines were created to respond to a rapidly growing market trend: food pairing. A business model that starts from the occasion of consumption or food to get to the choice of wine. A market segment that is growing double-digit thanks to the expansion of the consumer base and frequency. More and more consumers are also interested in investing in the right wine to pair with BBQ. RED FIRE, was first crafted for the American market and is now growing significantly in Europe and then Asia for its taste profile, both off trade and online.

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