Poggio del Concone

Poggio del Concone

At first, this was the story of a friendship between Alessandro and Andrea. It then became a story of collaboration between two regions: Tuscany and Piedmont.

This led to the production of Poggio del Concone wines. It is here that the grapes most suited to structured red wines (Merlot, Cabernet and Sauvignon) grow on the Tuscan hills and mature after vinification in our barrels in Piedmont.


Time is the ally of this story and of this wine: the maturation times and the meteorological conditions necessary for the grapes to be harvested at the right time, the days spent in the barrel so that the characteristic hints of oak and wine can be exchanged, the work of the oenologists to obtain the best development of the product and capture the moment in which all the aromas that characterize this wine are released for the happiness of lovers of full-bodied but  pleasant and fragrant wines.

Production is limited, but we know   how to satisfy even our most demanding customers. You too can take part in this friendship.

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