Grande Alberone

Grande Alberone

The Italian world of wine, with its international grape varieties, is complex and fascinating; it is generous with certainties as well as great and small surprises. It includes more than 800 types of grapes grown in clayey, sandy, mineral or volcanic soils which see cold, windy, breezy and continental weather as well as Mediterranean climates.

It is not easy to express or to capture in a glass everything our country has to offer, but we strive every day to provide a range of products that can take each of you on a journey through Italy.


Still wines


Sparkling wines

So far, thousands of people have joined us on this tour of Moscato del Piemonte and Prosecco del Veneto wines, through to Sicilian whites and Primitivo, and to Negroamaro from Puglia.

In 2020, 5 million bottles of Grande Alberone were uncorked all over the world, but that’s not all.

Italy continually provides us with opportunities to discover new methods of cultivation and winemaking. Our oenologists are ready to add stops on our journey through this beautiful country. Are you coming too?

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