Ronco di Sassi

Ronco di Sassi

The intense blue sky, the narrow streets, the white walls that reflect the warm sun of these days, the pleasant wind that comes from the sea. These are the first photographs of our holiday in Italy.

The red earth, the sapling vineyards, the farms where we are welcomed to drink a glass of Primitivo or of a full-bodied white. Another picture of our summer in Puglia.

We are committed to bringing to the whole world, including Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, all the aromas, colours and flavours that only southern wines can offer – qualities found every day in a bottle of Ronco di Sassi.


The garnet red colour, hints of ripe fruit and full and harmonious palate of the Primitivo Appassimento, the fresh harmony of the Bianco d’Italia, and the persistence of the Rosso d’Italia are delightful companions at mealtimes.

Enter the wine cellar in Ronco di Sassi to discover that this is not just a memory that will last until the next trip but an experience to relive whenever you want.

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