The French coined the term Perlage, it derives from perler – to appear in the form of droplets.
We have given the name Oroperla to the bubbles that look like small pearls continuously rising up from the base of the glass, telling a story and delighting the consumer.

Whether it is Pleasure, Love, Fun or Uniqueness, each bubble tells us something about the wine.

The bubbles evoke the passion and conviviality that are typical of sparkling wines and prosecco; to this we wisely add elegance and experience based on what the vineyard allows us to do.


Every glass of the Oroperla line contains all of this. Each element meets and forms an incredible story which slowly rises to the top and explodes in the mouth; its fragrances evoke the fresh and fruity aromas of the best grapes of Valdobbiadene for our DOCG and selected Italian grapes for sparkling wines.
We have something for everyone: we have wine for those who enjoy round flavours and extra dry wines, for those who love vintage wines, and for those who delight in the vivacity of rosé bubbles. We also have wines for special occasions and for those who like to celebrate a new day every day! What are you looking for?

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