Raphael Dal Bo

Raphael Dal Bo

We sat down and uncorked a bottle of Prosecco.
Here are the vineyards of Valdobbiadene that follow one another on the steep hills. And the large and long bunches of golden-yellow grapes waiting to be harvested.
And then there are the men. Those heroes of a difficult viticulture that causes them to be in love with this land.
With passion and respect for nature, Raphael Dal Bo has created organic wines of very high quality.
Being organic producers is a challenge which is conquered with the passion and continuous commitment of those who collaborate on this project.
Sustainability is the heart of the company: by not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers we can save energy, and keep water, soil and air free from all forms of pollution.


The vineyard thanks us by giving us persistent aromas that we find in our wines.
In addition to Prosecco, we have Moscato and sparkling wines, which complete the range of products we offer to satisfy every type of need and customer.
We want to take you where the green of nature meets the light of Raphael wines, a place where one’s gaze becomes lost in admiration for the sunsets that arrive silently when the farmers have returned home after a day of harvesting grapes.
Come and discover our concept of “life is beautiful.” It’s a promise.

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