The wines of Emporium are the pure expression of both the richness and simplicity of the land where they are produced, Puglia. A territory with a millenary oenological heritage. Emporium wines are crafted with the the best grapes of Primitivo and Negroamaro.

The result is an Appassimento Salento IGT and a Primitivio di Manduria DOC. These are two wines of great structure and character, perfectly represent the wine tradition of Puglia.

A true expression of the heel of Italy

Wines of the Emporium collection are growing significantly, especially in the USA, thanks to the Appassimento which, thanks to its organoleptic profile, has attracted even the most demanding palates. Primitivo di Manduria was then added, a wine very much appreciated by more and more female consumers and which is gaining recognition both in Italy and abroad. Mostly exported to Germany, Switzerland, South America and Southeast Asia.

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