Neroperso is a tribute to “Appassimento”: a wine that speaks of people, legends and traditions lost over time.
It’s a tribute to this millenary method of production, which is still practiced today during harvest when the best bunches undergone a drying process, to ensure that all the taste and aromas are concentrated in the grapes.

This makes the wine intense, velvery and full-bodied. A style, the “Appassimento Veneto” which has ancient roots and which is more and more appreciated. Neroperso is a bottle that brings people together, it brings joy to anyone j who loves good wine and wants to discover this ancient tradition lost and rediscovered over time.

A tribute to Appassimento

Appassimento style wine from Veneto have become part of the elite of big reds. More and more appreciated for the great quality and organoleptic profile they can deliver. Structured reds with complex aromas on the nose and harmonious and velvety on the palate. Thanks to the pleasant taste persuasive profile, “appassimento” wines have conquered the palates of enthusiasts and not, in some of the main markets for the export of Italian wines, starting from the USA and Canada, to Germany, up to northern Europe and now also in Asia. If connoisseurs especially appreciate the complexity of these wines, millennials are now loving it too, as well as female consumers of new International markets are more and more fascinated by the taste and the velvety sensation that only “appassimento” style wines can deliver.

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