Lignum Vitis

Lignum Vitis

Lignum vitis is a concept red wine inspired by the scientific discovery of Einstein’s gravitational waves. It’s the first wine with a wooded label, a complex design and graphically defined by engraving the gravitational waves. It celebrates Italian wine, science, art and craftsmanship. Lignum Vitis is produced with Sicilian red grapes, the native grape Frappato blended with Shiraz, an International varietal grown in Sicily.
It is structured, with intense aromas of dark chocolate, red fruits and wood.

Winemaking tradition

Concept wines are wines with a strong appeal both for international consumers and for Italian consumers. Aesthetic research and design together with the careful selection of the wine to meet the increasing demand of such wines. They are signature wines that appeal to the most selective distribution channels and that become an icon of made in Italy, they communicate the very best of our territory in a different way. Lignum Vitis finds interest in high value and emerging markets.

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