Passo Sardo

Passo Sardo

Passo Sardo is a line of great wines from Sardinia produced exclusively with native varietals that grow on the island. Passo Sardo pays homage to the millenary wine tradition of the island, with two of its most well known and appreciated wines: Cannonau DOC and Vermentino DOC.

Two structured and elegant wines, which perfectly represent and deliver the biodiversity of their land of origin.

Wines of Sardinia

Sardinia is a region that over the years has been winning over new international consumers. Tourism together with the beauty of the island have made it increasingly popular and its wines, of which its DOC Vermentino and Cannonau, represent its most important enological heritage. Passo Sardo definitely represents the characteristics of this territory at its best. Wines that appeals to the European market and that finds space on the shelves of many International retailers.

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