20 September 2021
Elettra Primitivo Limited Edition: born under a good star

Elettra Primitivo Limited Edition is born: a 2020 that gathers all the heritage of Apulian wines (sun, fruit, harmony) and takes it to a higher level, for the pure pleasure of sharing a wine that is not forgotten.  An awarded pleasure 99 points Luca Maroni, 93 points Falstaff. This is […]

19 May 2021
Wines of Sardinia: a new line signed by Giordano

The island of the sun in a new line of Giordano wines Cradle of the Nuragic civilisation and second-largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is truly a special region, and not just for the beauty of its beaches and wild hinterland. The happy combination of mild climate, sea breezes, a […]

23 April 2021
A cap for the environment, more quality for you

When sustainability is an everyday choice It is now a fact that care for the environment and protection of the land are fundamental themes in every human activity, even more so when this involves a close link with the land, such as agriculture and viticulture. Talking about sustainability in the […]

21 September 2020
Bottles and new ways of enjoying wine: innovation also means packaging at Enoitalia

The company stands out for its original design choices and innovative bottles. Wine is a journey through its territories, the story of people and their work. Enoitalia tells the story of Italian wine tradition and the uniqueness of the best production areas in the country.We could not fully convey the […]