The family business founded in 1938, finds its perfect location in the Valdichiana area, on the slopes of Monte Cetona, surrounded by green hills and vineyards. The wine making is an art that has been deeply felt by the two brothers Marco and Paolo Barbanera, who took over the business started by their grandparents at least thirty years earlier. Today, Barbanera is a modern and dynamic reality that mainly operates on international market. Indeed, it has an extremely versatile bottling plant capable of satisfying the multiple needs of customers that are increasingly in need of diversification. For this purpose, beside the main lines, those developed by the customers themselves have also taken shape and spread. One of the strengths of Barbanera, has always been to grant them the absolute freedom to customize their products without ever lacking quality and punctuality. Even if firmly remaining devoted to Tuscan traditions, over the times it has thus shown a certain propensity to reinvent itself by opening to welcome collaborations with important extra-regional companies.

Together with autochthonous wines from the region, the assortment also includes those from Puglia and Sicily, as well as Umbria, Abruzzo and Marche. A collection of selected products throughout Italy, to which new ones may be added soon. Furthermore, with the aim of certifying the good organization and standardization of the production processes, various certificates have been successfully obtained, such as: IFS, BRC. Of at least the same importance is the fact that Barbanera has the will to establish a relationship of mutual trust with its customers, which is guaranteed not only by its commitment to constantly improve its services, but also by subjecting its wines to impartial judgements. Therefore, attending both national and international wine competitions as well as enrolling in prestigious guides, becomes of considerable importance.
An example is the “Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani” edited by “Luca Maroni”, who awarded the Toscana Rosso “Vecciano” – vintage 2019 – as the OVERALL BEST ITALIAN WINE in the edition 2022. This has been an additional confirmation of the same award, obtained with its previous vintages in the editions from year 2016 to 2021. One of the most important recognitions for Barbanera, has been the one achieved by this esteemed guide – Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani – who named Barbanera as “BEST PRODUCER“ for quality-quantity index in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Barbanera Celebration

On the 80th anniversary of the start of Barbanera’s activity, the family wanted to launch a new project aimed at celebrating the history behind the passion shared by each of its members: the “Barbanera Celebration” line.

Each label and each wine tells a piece of history, a fragment of the long journey of a business that has been able to keep up with the times, not only adapting but also anticipating them, in order to offer quality and innovative products capable of leaving their mark on the consumer’s heart.

Barbanera Collezione Famiglia

The “Collezione Famiglia Barbanera” line showcases our most important wines labels excellence. It was born from our family’s desire to select a specific line, wines which properties, both quality wise and organoleptic, are so distinctive to the point that earns them the inclusion in a special selection.

Barbanera Special Selection

The SPECIAL SELECTION BARBANERA brand includes those wines obtained through the light drying of grapes.

Light raising is a production technique that aims to make the product richer in the characteristic aromas of ripe fruit, which is very versatile in pairing with dishes of all kinds. The peculiar softness allows these wines to be drunk even at low temperatures (10/12 degrees).

Barbanera Since 1938

The “Barbanera” line was created in 2007 to enhance the family’s history and sense of belonging and to celebrate a love for the world of wine that has lasted for more than eighty years, transforming an authentic passion into a profession that has allowed us over time to achieve important business objectives.
Today, Barbanera is a modern and dynamic reality with an updated and evolved approach to oenology.
Our wines are refined, with character, good structure but not too aggressive, pleasant and easy-drinking.

Collection Barbanera

With the COLLECTION BARBANERA line, the Barbanera family wanted to give visibility to products from outside the region. In fact, the company works not only with the wonderful Tuscan territory that represents the origins and the basis of the family tradition, but also with important realities in Apulia and Sicily where ten-year-long collaboration relationships have been consolidated and where the different processes can be followed with the necessary care by our technicians from the vineyard to the cellar.

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